• See Beyond

    See beyond reality using our Augmented Reality Apps

  • What We Do

    We help people see a better reality through our augmented reality apps.

    Insta Translate

    Get Translation with camera

    See translation of words instantly after they appear in your camera. Along side the translation you will get a descriptive picture that sometimes is worth a thousand words. Insta Translate make your experience with reading foreign languages easier than ever! 

    Inside Out

    Discover places inside

    Inside out is an app that give you an Augmented reality scope to see through buildings in Cities and suburbs. Whenever you need to find a coffee shop, a restaurant or just to explore the buildings surround you for interesting places, all you need to do is open the camera on your phone!

    AR Travel

    See Beyond the appearance

    AR Travel is an app that serves as your guide through your travel. You can explore the attractions nearby, read information of an attraction when it appears in your camera, and take imaginative photos and videos with special effects. Your discovery will always be surprising!

    AR Education

    Learn from the Real World

    AR Education products now provide the dictionary and translation apps that help with your language study. The fast OCR features facilitate the real-time text recognition that makes your understanding faster and easier than ever!

    Educational Games

    Twist your MinD

    Our educational games provide the enjoyment of learning by challenging and twisting your mind in a relaxing environment.

  • AR Travel

    See more about the places you visit

    Magic Lens

    Interesting things about an attraction prompt when it appears in your camera.

    Camera Guide

    Your guide is right in your camera!


    Take movie-style videos, and arty photos with augmented reality effects.

  • Insta Translate

    Get translation with a descriptive photo right from your camera.

  • Dict One - Spanish

    All in one English learning tool for Spanish speaking learners

  • Dict One - Arabic

    All in one English learning tool for Arabic speaking learners

  • Educational Game

    Have fun by twisting your mind!